A Slack game to test your mastery of English and how good you are at forming words from random letters

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What is wordsgame

Do you want to engage in a game of wits with your colleagues at work then this is the game for you. Random letters are sent to the channel and everybody replies in a thread with valid english words for 60 seconds. The result is displayed along with all the words each user entered. If a word has been used by another user or it's an invalid word, it doesn't get scored

The game can only be played in a public channel

How It Works


Use the slash command to start a game. Random letters are posted on the channel

Type words

Everybody types as many valid words as they can in the message thread using the letters within 60 seconds

Game ends

Result is posted on the Slack channel

Let's Get In Touch!

Wordsgame is fully open source. If you have encounter any problem using the app please create an issue on github or send a mail