A Slack game to test your mastery of English and how good you are at forming words from random letters

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Wordsgame is an open source anagram Slack game for fun. Test your mastery of English with colleagues. The most minimal information required for the game to work effectively is collected

1. Information Collected

The following information is collected from Slack in order to operate the game

  • Team ID, ex: `TXXXXXXX`. This allows the game to select the correct authorization token in order to interact with your workspace.
  • Authorization Token, the token granted by Slack to the game in order to securely communicate with your workspace.
  • User IDs of those who submitted words for a game, ex: `UXXXXXX`
  • Channel IDs for communication, ex: `CXXXXXX`
  • Words submitted
  • All the data involved in each game is deleted at the end of the game. The data persisted in the DB are Token, Team ID, Channel ID and Incoming webhook url

2. Security

The information is saved in a secure database

3. Third party

Each word submitted is sent to a third party API to confirm if it's an accurate English word

4. Portability

We will attempt to retrieve all information conntected to your USER ID if you request for it

Let's Get In Touch!

Wordsgame is fully open source. If you have encounter any problem using the app please create an issue on github or send a mail